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At the start of the third episode of A Sister’s All You Need, it’s really cold! Itsuki, Nayuta, and Miyako discuss what do, as none of them can concentrate in the freezing apartment. They decide to go to Okinawa! Their excuse?


Novel 1.png

At Okinawa, they have a really tasty dinner by the ocean. And, as usual, Nayuta is a little straightforward with her attraction to Itsuki.

Novel 2.png

That night, Nayuta falls asleep, and Miyako visits Itsuki’s room.

Novel 3.png

Itsuki has already turned down Nayuta before! Even though she’s so aggressive these days.

Novel 4

The three have a fun swim the next day.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 3.56.30 PM.png

Once back from their “research” in Okinawa, Itsuki describes his new beach-centered novel with his favorite illustrator, Setsuna Ena.

Novel 6.png

This prompts Setsuna’s appetite for salmon roe. Together, they embark on finding some.

Novel 7.png


Novel 8.png

While waiting for their plane back home, Setsuna announces that he’s going to cancel his flight and stay in Hokkaido for a little while longer.

Novel 9.png

Kenjiro, who is Setsuna’s agent as well, does not find that news too appealing, considering his upcoming deadlines…

Novel 10

All in all, Itsuki’s trips to Kokkaido and Okinawa were successful “research” trips.

Novel 11.png

Novel 12.png

And the third episode of A Sister’s All You Need ends with a nice meal between brother and “brother.”

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