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In the third episode of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, we join Sakuta and Mai in the early morning. However, although Mai wakes up refreshed, Sakuta couldn’t sleep a wink…thankfully…

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In a heart-breaking reminder, we find that Mai still can’t be seen by others.

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Sakuta and Futaba are the only ones in the entire school, and city, that now remember who Mai is.

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Bunny 3

Futaba surmises that the cause of Mai’s Puberty Syndrome is due to the fact that she was “treated like the atmosphere.” The students and citizens felt that she was untouchable as a result of her celebrity status, which drove her out of their thoughts.

Bunny 4

Futaba believes that once people fall asleep, their memories of Mai do not wake up.

Bunny 5

Thankfully, both Futaba and Sakuta weren’t able to sleep last night, so they still remember who Mai is. We can only hope that they both stay awake until they solve Mai’s problem, until people remember her again.

Unfortunately, Futaba fell asleep, leaving Sakuta alone to help Mai. But in order to be prepared for the worst (not sleeping, forever), he writes a reminder of Mai in his journal, and sets off to buy caffeine and coffee.

Bunny 6

Bunny 7

Mai realizes what Sakuta is doing. And after several sleepless nights, we find Sakuta and Mai studying for an upcoming test. But, sadly, Mai gives Sakuta sleeping pills, which he cannot fight off. And, eventually, his eyelids become too heavy for him, and he slumbers aways.

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The next day, Sakuta’s memorey of Mai is gone. He’s not sure why he wrote what he did in his journal.

Bunny 10.png

And he can’t see Mai anymore.

Bunny 11

Thankfully, Sakuta’s love for Mai reminds him of her. And realizing what he needs to do, he races off to the school field, where all can see him.

Bunny 12.png

Bunny 13.png

And shouts his love for Mai, hoping his courage and boldness will remind everyone of her.

Bunny 14

And, thankfully, Sakuta reappears. And everyone, including Sakuta, can now see and remember Mai.

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