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At the end of the 6th episode of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl, Sakuta and Mai run into a young girl who looks, and has the same name, as Sakuta’s first crush.

Bunny 00.png

Bunny 0.png

At the start of the 7th episode, Sakuta flashes back to his first (and only) encounter with Shoko Makinohara.

Bunny 1

The first time he met Shoko, she was much older than the Shoko he saw with Mai.

Bunny 2

Shoko vists Sakuta’s apartment in order to take care of the kitten she found in the park (in the fifth episode). Kaede is a little jealous, but she’s okay.

Bunny 3.png

At school the next day, he runs into Futaba, who looks different than normal.

Bunny 4.png

While working the dinner shift at the restaurant, Mai surprises him with a visit.

Bunny 5.png

On their way home, they see Futaba walking into a strange cafe in the alley. Upon investigating, they find Futaba, who immediately runs away in embarrassment. Mai and Sakuta catch up to her.

Bunny 6.png

Futaba explains that there are currently multiple Futaba running around.

Bunny 7.png

They go back to Sakuta’s apartment for safety and to further discuss.

Bunny 8.png

Mai is the perfect girlfriend.

Bunny 9.png

Shoko comes to Sakuta’s apartment the next day to visit her cat, who is staying at Sakuta’s house until her parents allow her to have a pet.

Bunny 10.png

Sakuta asks about Kunimi’s relationship with Futaba.

Bunny 11.png

Sakuta finds a Futaba watching Kunimi’s basketball game.

Bunny 12.png

At the end of the sixth episode of Bunny Girl Senpai, Kunimi’s girlfriend angrily asks about Futaba’s secret, and very lewd, social media profile.

Bunny 13.png

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