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A Sister’s All You Need, Episode 8 | SenpaiNEWS – Notice Me, Senpai!

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The 8th episode of A Sister’s All You Need begins with Haruto sheepishly asking Itsuki if Miyako has a boyfriend. Itsuki immediately sends Miyako a text, which puts both her and Haruto in instant dismay ^.^



To Haruto’s joy, Miyako replies that she doesn’t currently have a boyfriend.


April 29th is coming up, which is Miyako’s birthday. Her friends decide to through her a surprise party!


Itsuki is unsure what to give Miyako as a gift. Nayuta recommends that he give her a book from her favorite author, so she texts Miyako to find out who the author is.


It’s Itsuki (teehee).


The surprise party is really fun!


Nayuta gives Miyako an ultra-exclusive novel just for her as a present.


The four friends go the amusement park the next day. Is it a double date?


While Nayuta and Itsuki continue their thrill seeking adventure, Miyako and Haruto stay behind.


This is Haruto’s chance! He can ask her about her feelings and, maybe, ask her out!

But, unfortunately, when his time comes to ask her, he notices a sad look look in Miyako’s eyes as Nayuta clings to Itsuki.

Miyako is jealous of Nayuta. Miyako loves Itsuki.



The episode ends with Haruto talking with Itsuki, encouraging him to finally ask Nayuta out, for the both of them…


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