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In the 2nd episode of Goblin Slayer, we see a flashback of earlier times, when Goblin Slayer was just a boy. His childhood friend was a girl known as Cow Girl (according to the series ^.^)


And while the two fought with each other every so often, they grew up really close.


But due to a traumatic goblin attack, Goblin Slayer lost his affection, and replaced it with only one desire – to kill goblins.

Goblin Slayer is living with Cow Girl and her uncle for the time being. Each day, Goblin Slayer checks on all of the defensive measures he has placed around the farm (to prevent unforeseen goblin attacks).


The uncle reminds Cow Girl that he’s a different person from the boy who grew up with her. Her heart stays true, and promises to wait for him to come back to his normal self.


Goblin Slayer is not fully respected for his ambitions. Goblin slayers are, in most eyes, viewed as the least significant and meaningful quest to pursue, especially as the Demon Lord and his army ravages the land. Yet, despite distasteful stares and glances, he remains true to his calling.



Although numerous adventures crowd around the board of quests, the goblin quests remain untouched.


A Goblin Slayer slays goblins.


As the Goblin Slayer pursues his quests, he often does not come home for several days. The Cow Girl worries for him, but knows he’ll come back home.


Goblins ransacked the hometown of Goblin Slayer, and they, regrettably, killed his sister in front of him. This memory fuels Goblin Slayer’s hatred.


The attack against the goblin fortress commences! The priestess supports him with her miracles.


The two are victorious! The guild hostess reminds Goblin Slayer that he should be proud of who he is. He is a silver-ranked adventurer, one of the highest rankings.


The Cow Girl was right. Goblin Slayer did return ^.^


At the end of the eleventh episode, we see a musician singing a folk lore about a strong, brave adventurer who only kills goblins.

A mysterious group ask the singer if this person is real. He is. But who are they?


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