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In the guild at Water Town, Goblin Slayer notices something strange about the town’s quests – there are no goblin-related missions. Why is that? Goblins have been attacking civilians in the alleys?



Goblin Slayer brings a canary with them in order to detect any traces of poisonous gas.


Back into the sewers they go! They must defeat all of the goblins down there.


They find an old painting on one of the walls – a sign that these underground ruins were once inhabited.


They also find a mysterious door.


Rats! As soon as the team enters into the room, the door locks behind them!


Making matters worse, poison gas fills the room! The adventurers are (thankfully) able to quickly plug up all of the holes were the gas is coming in.


The gas now reverses, thus suffocating the goblins behind the wall. This forces the goblins to frantically claw their way into the adventurer’s room. But, one of the goblins is anything but an ordinary goblin.

They have to face a goblin champion.


The goblins are really strong, and start to overpower our heroes.


The priestess can barely keep her protection spell afloat. But, when the unthinkable happens, she can no longer concentrate on her miracle – the Goblin Slayer is defeated.



The Goblin Slayer lies in the ruins, unable to move. Memories of when goblins attacked his village and sister flood through his mind.

While the Goblin Slayer reminisces, the priestess is attacked too.


Thankfully, horrible memories of his past were the sparks needed to get the Goblin Slayer up.


The Goblin Slayer will never let goblins win again, ever.


The goblins are defeated, and all remaining run out of the room. The Goblin Slayer is victorious, but at a severe cost.


The Goblin Slayer collapses next to the priestess. Will he be okay? Is this the end of our hero, the Goblin Slayer?


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