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At the start of the tenth episode of Goblin Slayer, we hear Goblin Slayer’s voice tell a story of his childhood dreams of becoming a platinum-ranked hero. While hearing this soliloquy, we watch as the Hero and her teammates defeat the Demon Lord.



We also see a young Goblin Slayer get mad at a young Cow Girl. To this day, Cow Girl wishes she had reconciled with Goblin Slayer for getting him angry.


Goblin Slayer’s older sister told him that he shouldn’t be mad at Cow Girl. His older sister also made him his favorite soup that night.


We see another memory of the first time that Goblin Slayer visited the guild.



We return to the present day. Goblin Slayer is in the field by the guild watching a retired adventurer train the next generation of heroes.



At the guild, the hostess seems a little jealous that Goblin Slayer is talking with the priestess ^.^ The guild hostess hands a letter to Goblin Slayer.


The adventurers, guild hostess, and Cow Girl all have a meal together!


The guild hostess mentions how adventurers still continue to live after they retire. Some find new purposes. This strikes Cow Girl’s heart.



Alone, the Goblin Slayer tells Cow Girl that he’s thinking of the future. Cow Girl tells him to not rush his future. She’s afraid that he’ll lose his purpose to live once he can’t fight goblins anymore.


The heroes did it! They defeated the Demon Lord! The whole town celebrates the victory.



There will be a day when Goblin Slayer can no longer slay goblins…


At the end of the episode, Goblin Slayer does his normal security check around Cow Girl’s house. This time, unfortunately, we see goblin tracks just outside their property. Goblins always scout their prey before attacking… 😦


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