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At the start of the 12th episode of Bunny Girl Senpai, we see the moment when Kaede first wakes up after she loses all of her memories. A really unexpected and shocking time for Sakuta and his family.



Puberty Syndrome 😦

Kaede wakes up as a different person – the way she talks, the way she eats, the way she acts. A different Kaede.


Sakuta and Kaede’s mom couldn’t handle the situation, and she develops her own mental illness.


Shortly after, Sakuta experiences Puberty Syndrome as well. He wakes up one night with three giant scratches on his stomach, forcing him to race to the hospital.


No one at the hospital, nor his parents, believed Sakuta’s story. They also disregard the possibility or plausibility of Puberty Syndrome. This hurtful disbelief causes Sakuta to run out of the hospital one day, desperately seeking someone that understands him.

He finds Shoko.


Shoko truly believes Sakuta’s story. She understands him. And for the next several days, every time that Sakuta leaves the hospital and goes down to the beach, Shoko is there as well.

Experiencing Shoko’s belief in him, Sakuta makes an effort to show Kaede that she’s not alone in her pain, he’s there for her.


Mai is a little mad that Sakuta is just now telling her about Kaede’s memory loss ^.^


Kaede really wants to overcome her fear of school, she desperately wants to get better.


Sakuta hands Kaede a book that her previous friend brought her. Inside, Kaede finds a note asking to be friends again. This brief memory of her friend and school causes Kaede to collapse from stress.

Sakuta rushes Kaede to the hospital.


The doctor tells Sakuta and his father that Kaede’s recent collapse could be the cause of her prior memories resurfacing – she may remember her old memories again. But if she does, her recent memories will be lost as well.


Out of the hospital, Kaede is back on her mission to go to school again.


A school counselor visits to assure Kaede that going to school will be okay. Even if she just visits the school nurse, that still counts as going to school. This energizes Kaede.


Kaede tries again. But every time they pass fellow students, she undergoes severe anxiety.


They make it onto the school grounds, but it’s too much for Kaede. She runs out of the school and onto the street.


Kaede wants to go to school so badly! But her legs can’t move when she gets close.


Sakuta has an idea to help her practice – going to the zoo!



After seeing giant pandas, Sakuta walks them home on a route that Kaede doesn’t recognize. Sakuta surprises Kaede by bringing her to school.


Sakuta wants to help Kaede get ready to go to school during the day. But what will happen once she completes this goal?


The next day, Sakuta wakes Kaede up. But something feels different, something’s not right.

Kaede answers in a very nonchalant way. Kaede is normally really polite and cute, but this Kaede is not the same.


The old Kaede is back! She’s regained her memories as well as her old self. Our Kaede that we have come to know and love is gone, and this strikes Sakuta’s heart.


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