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Season 1, Episode 1 of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma | SenpaiNEWS – Notice Me, Senpai!

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The very first episode of Food Wars begins outside of Yukihira Diner, a small diner in a small town in Japan. A very friendly environment that looks ordinary from the outside. But something amazing is going on in the inside! ^.^


Is that Soma? Looks like he’s testing a new concoction of his…


Inside Yukihira Diner, Soma and his Dad are having one of their famous cooking competitions! And the whole neighborhood is there to watch two genius chefs battle it out. Their judge is one of Yukihira’s friends from school.



Soma’s Dad is also an amazing chef, and he has actually beaten Soma in every cook-off that they’ve had. But that doesn’t stop Soma from trying!


Soma’s Dad won their cook-off. Soma finds solace in feeding his friends some of his (disgusting) new creations – that poor girl!



After everyone leaves, a mysterious group of business men and one woman arrive. Although Soma tells them that they’re closed, they barge on in. They have a proposition: close down Yukihira Diner so they can make a new development on their property.



Insulted and amazed at their inquiry, Soma remarks that Yukihira Diner would only gladly close up shop when they can no longer satisfy their customer. The business woman sneers and leaves. Strange!


While Soma walked home from school the next day, his Dad called him. His Dad asked Soma what his plans are after he graduates? Soma replies that he wants to continue to work at their diner.


Upon arriving at their diner, Soma finds everything trashed! All of their food has been spilled and their sign has been spray painted!


The business men and woman coincidentally, and suspiciously, show up almost immediately. They ask Soma to prepare them a roast, and seeing that he can’t possibly make anything without his food supply, demand that Yukihira Diner close down.



Soma shocks them all when he tells them that he can, and will, make them a pot roast.


With seemingly minimal ingredients and scraps of remaining food, Soma quickly and masterfully begins to cook. But what will he do, there is not meat left?


In no time at all, Soma presents what appears to be a juicy, succulent pot roast! The business men and woman are aghast.


The pot roast is actually made of potatoes and bacon strips! Because Soma didn’t actually prepare a pot roast, the business woman demands that their diner shut down immediately. But the smell of the potato roast is too powerful to resist. She decides that she’ll just have one bite.

A-MA-ZING! She and her comrades can’t stop eating it!


Soma takes the dish away from them before they finish. They can’t handle it anymore, they have to have more! Soma will only let them finish the dish if they agree to leave and never come back. They agree.



The battle is over and Soma is the victor!


Soma’s Dad appears and suddenly tells Soma that he’s shutting down Yukihira Diner. WHAT?


Soma’s Dad wants Soma to experience the world and become his own chef.


His Dad wants soma to join a cooking school in Japan.


On his way to the new school, Soma sees students in severe stress over not passing a test. What is this school?


It’s actually the most elite, professional, and difficult cooking school in all of Japan. In fact, less than a dozen students graduate at the end. A cooking school that creates the most famous and skilled chefs in the world.


A cooking school made for the elite.


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