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Season 1, Episode 4 of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma | SenpaiNEWS – Notice Me, Senpai!

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At the start of the fourth episode of Food Wars, Soma is walking to his new dorm. It’s a late, cold night. Soma walks past many beautiful buildings – will his dorm look as wonderful as these buildings?

A strong gust blows a paper that Soma was holding away. What was on this piece of paper?


Soma arrives to his new dorm. He’s shocked!


The inside of the decrepit-looking dorm is as frightening as its outside. All of a sudden, a hurd of animals rush by Soma!


Another room is filled with smoke!


Soma hears people wrestling above him! What is going on with this place?!


The dorm’s caretake arrives – an old women named Fumio. She asks Soma if he’s ready for his entrance exam, which completely surprises him. It turns out, the paper that was blown away contained information about Polar Star’s famous cooking test for new dorm members – if you don’t cook an acceptable dish, you’re not allowed to sleep in the dorm.

And, you have to bring your own ingredients. Oh no!


Fumio lets Soma use the remaining ingredients in their kitchen. Soma quickly begins cooking his dish.


To Fumio’s amazement, Soma was able to cook what looks like a scrumptious patty – but there wasn’t any meat in the kitchen! And Soma’s soup was so rich!


Soma ingeniously used canned mackerel to form his patty and used his dried squid snack as the base of the soup.


Soma’s dish wins Fumio’s approval and he gains his key to his new room at Polar Star.


Soma’s dish reminded Fumio of her youth.


Soma relaxes in his room as he soaks in everything that has happened – it was only a few days ago that he was cooking at Yukihira Diner! Just then, a man appears in Soma’s roof! It’s Isshiki, a second-year student. Isshiki invites Soma to a welcoming party for him.


Soma quickly fits in with this new dorm mates ^.^


Soma hears about the Elite Ten – a student body group of ten students that are viewed as the best chefs in Totsuki. This ignites a fierce desire within Soma to join the Elite Ten.


The other students bring dishes they’ve made to the party.




Soma is really happy ^.^ This looks to be the perfect place for him to grow in his cooking abilities as well as form lasting friendships.


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