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Season 1, Episode 6 of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma | SenpaiNEWS – Notice Me, Senpai!

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At the start of the sixth episode of Food Wars, we see an intense scene – an attractive girl is bullying a cowering guy in a dark hallway. She convinces him to do something, but what?



The next morning, Soma and Yuki are woken by Isshiki. He asks them to help with Polar Star’s garden.


We see the other Polar Star students working on perfecting their crafts.

Ibusaki uses wood for his smoked dishes.


Ryoko works on creating delicious salts.


And Yuki raises chickens in hopes of creating the perfect Polar Star breed.


Megumi shows up in a really cute farming outfit ^.^


Isshiki’s attire is very…authentic.


Megumi brings flavorful rice balls for all to eat.


Soma asks why Megumi can’t make these type of dishes at school. It turns out that Megumi becomes really nervous in front of others, so it’s hard for her to demonstrate her cooking abilities in class.


Soma wants to join a school cooking club, so he and Megumi visit the bulletin board.


They decide to check out Don RS. They’re surprised to see that no one is in the club room except for one student!

The club leader is really sad because his club’s funds are being dwindled – Erina from the Elite Ten wants the don club to close down. Making matters worse, in order to receive the funds needed to stay afloat, the club leader was forced to agree to a Shokugeki with Ikumi Mito (Nikumi), the meat master.


Nikumi shows up at the club!


Out of respect for don, Shokugeki asks if he can do the Shokugeki. If he loses, he gets expelled. If he wins, Nikumi must join Don RS.


But does Soma know how to cook don??


Soma is going to have to face Nikumi’s A-5 meat, the highest grade and most premium type of meat. Her family owns one of the largest meat conglomerates in Japan.


After hours of testing, Soma still hasn’t found the perfect don to cook. This isn’t looking good, until…


Megumi helped Soma think of an idea! She reminded Soma of how he used honey for their school meat project, which sparked his culinary ingenuity once again.


Soma’s don dish will utilized finely-chopped onions and heavily pounded meat!


It’s super tender! But will it be enough to beat Mito-san’s A-5 meat?


If Soma loses, he’s expelled!


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