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Season 1, Episode 8 of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma | SenpaiNEWS – Notice Me, Senpai!

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At the start of the eighth episode of Food Wars, the teachers are talking about something that’s coming, something big, but what?


We find out from Marui that it’s time for the first years to go to camp. The cooking camp is an annual event which may look friendly by its invitation, but in reality, it’s one of the most grueling and stressful events that Totsuki students must endure. A bad remark during the camp leads to an immediate expulsion.


You can do this, Megumi!


Although it’s a frightening event, the Polar Star students are excited! They plan to all return to Polar Star and not be expelled.


The whole first year class embarks on their camp journey!


The students arrive to the camp site and see a gorgeous hotel! It’s one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels under the Totsuki brand.


The students file into the auditorium. An air of tension and excitement fills the hall.


A Totsuki professor welcomes the class to their camp. And, unexpectedly, Totsuki alumni fill the stage! They are all famous chefs who graduated at the top of their respective classes.


Shinomiya, a highly accomplished chef in France, expels a student for just using a smelly shampoo! Oh no, this camp is going to be anything but easy.



The hotel’s lead chef, and director of the camp, arrives. Chef Dojima Gin!


He wishes all of the students good luck in their camp activities. Everyone is excited to do their best.



Megumi and Soma are paired together for their first class. All of the classes are instructed by Totsuki alumni.


The students in this class have to cook a dish within a short time frame. Sounds easy, right? No, there are no ingredients in the room!

The students have to collect their own ingredients, whether livestock or vegetables, from the surrounding land!


Before Soma and Megumi start collecting their ingredients, a confident Italian student named Takumi Aldini confronts Soma. He strongly suggests that he and Soma use this class project as a duel to see which of them is the better chef. Soma accepts.


In stressful moments, it’s hard to clearly see a path. Most of the students become narrow minded with tunnel vision. As a result, the students return with only collecting fish and vegetables, Soma and Megumi included.


Soma and Megumi return to find Takumi and his twin brother, Isami, with a duck! They slightly mock the other students and their fish, saying how there were also rabbits and birds.


Without losing a moment’s time, the Aldini brothers quickly begin to dress the duck and cook their dish. The Aldini twins move effortlessly around their cutting boards, swiftly moving, each in-tune with their own and their partner’s movements – mastery at its finest.


The Aldini brothers are the first to finish, and their dish looks exquisite – grilled duck with herbs. And they successfully paired Japanese and Italian elements together.


A magnificent duck dish!


How will Soma confront his new challenger? ^.^


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