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Season 1, Episode 20 of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma | SenpaiNEWS – Notice Me, Senpai!

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At the start of the twentieth episode of Food Wars, Soma, Megumi and the other Polar Star members have begun prepping for their Autumn Elections dish. It’s a stressful time, yet each is looking out to the horizons, excited to see what they can accomplish.




Everyone at Totsuki is gearing up for the event that could put their name at the top, the top of Totsuki ^.^



Takumi, Megumi and other students are returning home for the summer.




Nao Sadatsuka, Erina’s admirer (or should we say stalker), is cooking up something special!


Megumi is back home and her neighbors are really excited about it!


Soma stays at Polar Star for most of the summer, spending countless sleepless nights testing his dish.


Hayama is perfecting his spices – he’s going to be a tough competitor to beat.


The day has arrived! It’s time for the Autumn Elections to begin! The invited students gather in the Elite Ten’s Shokugeki arena.


Isami looks completely different! He’s lost so much wait over the summer.


Senzaemon Nakiri, Totsuki’s chairman, begins the cooking competition with an energizing speech – the students are ready!


There are thirty students in each group, and only four students from each hall move on to the next round.


Famous chefs and culinary experts judge the event – noticeably, the famous twins Sendaira and Sendawara.



Alice has brought complex and technologically-advanced cooking apparatuses to the elections.


Ryo Kurokiba may seem like a docile chef, but when he puts his headband on (similar to Soma), he becomes a completely different person.



The Autumn Elections have just begun, but it’s going to be a tough competition to win. We’re rooting for you, Soma!!

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