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Season 2, Episode 7 of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma | SenpaiNEWS

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At the start of the seventh episode of the second season of Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma), Hayama and Kurokiba are both preparing for their Autumn Elections match against one other. Hayama is testing his smell and Kurokiba is strengthening his muscles.




Soma is watching the match in the Elite Ten viewing box with Erina!



Nakiri Alice joins them, too!


Alice tells Erina and Soma that Kurokiba has been training and cooking ever since he was a boy. If he did not cook well, he’d die.



Hayama is confident that his sense of smell will outmatch Kurokiba’s precision. Hayama presents his dish first, Canard Apicius!


Kurokiba finishes shortly after with his Eel Matelote.



The judges are ready to evaluate. But wait! Only 4 of the 5 judges have voted, and it’s a draw between Hayama and Kurokiba!



The fifth judge can’t decide whose dish is better!


They decide to let both contestants move on to the next round. The final match of the Autumn Elections will be a three-way match with Soma!




Isshiki announces the topic for the next match.


It’s pacific saury!



Hayama is determined to show everyone that he’s more than just a spice chef.


Soma wants to reach the top! ^.^


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SenpaiME is the #1 dating app for Anime, Manga & Cosplay fans!! Available on iOS and Android. Find your Senpai!! ^.^

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