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Season 2, Episode 11 of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma | SenpaiME

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At the start of the eleventh episode of the second season of Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma), Shiomi relates what a “Stagiaire” is to Soma, Hayama and Kurokiba. In order to pass the resident exam, and not get expelled, each student must leave a “visible mark” at the establishment.



Two students are paired together for each facility. And Soma and Hisako are partners for the first Stagiaire!


To their surprise, they will be working at a small, quaint-looking family restaurant.


Before they reach the door, a mass of angry customers rushes out.


Soma complements Hisako wearing an apron ^.^


Hisako sadly tells Soma that she can’t go back to Erina anymore because she lost in the Autumn Elections.


Soma begins to give Hisako orders, but she angrily tells him that she can handle customers. But will she be able to handle the lunch rush?



After realizing that Soma is more experienced with customers, she begrudgingly accepts his orders.


The full-time restaurant employees complemented both Hisako and Soma after their first day on the job.


Meanwhile, Erina is giving orders to the boss of her restaurant.



Hisako and Soma realized that their restaurant won’t be able to improve once they leave, so they decide to have an emergency meeting.


They suggest that they cut down the menu, but the owner declines. How can they solve their “lunch rush” problem?


Megumi is making her own mark by recommending to serve sauce on the side!


There is a sign on the restaurant’s door the next day. It reads that they will only be accepting reservations going forward. A bold move.


But it allows old-time customers who disliked the mad lunch rush to finally come back and eat in peace. Looks like things are going to work out ^.^


Soma and Hisako both pass their first Stagiaire!


Erina gives Megumi a ride home in her limo. Megumi brings up Soma’s name and Erina’s heart hurts.


Soma hands Hisako a bag full of manga that Erina had asked for. This will allow Hisako to reconnect with Erina.


Soma wants to broaden his own cooking repertoire!


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SenpaiME is the #1 dating app for Anime, Manga & Cosplay fans!! Available on iOS and Android. Find your Senpai!! ^.^

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