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Season 3, Episode 18 of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma | SenpaiME App

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At the start of the eighteenth episode of the third season of Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma), Hayama presents his bear dish to the judges. Hayama was forced into his role at Central. In order to save Shiomi’s research society, he had to sacrifice everything and join Central. How will his dish compare to Soma’s?



Hayama creates a beautiful fried bear dish.


The judges can taste the spices even before eating it!


Alice’s father says that Hayama’s dish clearly surpasses Soma’s.



But Soma is not done yet. They still have to taste Hayama’s sauce.



Soma’s sauce incorporated honey and balsamic vinegar.


Soma applied the same techniques in his dish that Hayama had applied in the Autumn Elections finals.


The judges cast their votes.


And it’s a split vote between the twins!


Alice’s father asks about the honey used in Soma’s sauce.


Soma didn’t use any ordinary honey. He used honey that came from the bears’ environment, right outside; honey from the Amur cork tree!



Alice’s father knows who he is going to vote for. Just like in the finals of the Autumn Election, he’s voting for the chef who most showcased his individuality in his dish.




Soma put his all in his dish because he wanted Hayama to try it.



Hayama could taste the trials and tribulations that went into Soma’s dish.


Soma is announced as the victor. And, to much surprise, Shiomi shows up to console Hayama. He means more to Shiomi than her society’s funds.



Soma won’t allow Hayama to give up on his own cooking.


But there is bad news. A Central official tells Hayama that he is being immediately expelled due to his loss.


But Hayama is not the only one being expelled. A majority of Polar Star lost in their respective matches. And, thus, are also being expelled from Totsuki.


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